Lottery drum B (400 mm)


Lottery drum


width of the rotating part of the drum:                300 mm
diameter of the drum (8-angle), inscribed circle:  400 mm
total height:                                         approx.  500 mm
height when the drum is rotated:            approx. 520 mm

- sliding door to the side, secured with 2 pairs of magnets

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Custom made in Czechia

26 435,00 Kč
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Glued lottery drum

The body of the drum is formed by an octagon, which is clad with individual boards that have decorative design facets.

The drum body is connected to the support frame by encapsulated bearings, which ensure a smooth rotary movement of the drum.
The skeleton of the lottery is made of solid plexiglass, which gives the product a modern look.
The casing of the drum has handles glued around the perimeter, with which the drum rotates by hand.

Data sheet

Width300 mm
Heigth500 mm