Protective barrier, acrylic 120 x 95 cm (width x height) View larger

Protective barrier, acrylic 120 x 95 cm (width x height)


Plexiglass transparent trapezoidal screen

  • Front side (width x height): 1200 x 950 mm
  • Cutout dimensions (width x height): 350 x 150 mm
  • Depth of side panels lower part: 400 mm
  • Side bend angle: 45 °

The partition is designed to be placed on a sales counter, table or container and serves as a hygienic protection against droplet infection.

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Custom made in Czechia

3 908,00 Kč
tax incl.

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Plexiglass transparent protective partition

It is a robust, sufficiently stable construction made of completely clear / transparent material, which is placed (glued or screwed - as required) on the existing dispensing counter at the premises and significantly reduces the mutual exposure of staff and clients. Despite the growing interest, we are still able to ensure a short delivery time together
ensuring installation by our technician.

We are able to produce any size of partition, shape and strength of material according to your requirements, installation in the store or focus.

Data sheet

Length1200 mm
Heigth950 mm
Thickness of material used5 mm