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  • Simple partitions

    Simple protective screens that have straight acrylic body. These partitions have no bents or glued sides or bottom. The stability of the partitions is provided by the feet that can be mounted to the body of the partition.

  • Partitions with bent...

    Counter top screens that have backward-bent side panels. On request, we fit the partitions with bottom part, which ensures maximum stability and the possibility to firmly glue the partition to the counter or tare with gel tape.

  • Acrylic shields with...

    Acrylic partitions (table shields) with glued side parts and bottom. This ensures maximum stability and possibility to glue the partition to the counter with tape.

  • Partitions with...

    Transparent plate placed between stands made of aluminum profiles (40 x 40 mm)

  • Hygienic counters -...

    Partitions for tables in dining rooms. Simple and clean design.

  • Acrylic face shields

    Replacement transparent face shields for Prusa RESEARCH shield holder.

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Showing 31 - 31 of 31 items

Showing 31 - 31 of 31 items